Welcome to the Summer of Purpose Podcast Series! 

In this episode, I invite you into my world, revealing the seamless blend of balance, creativity, and life that fuels my journey.

What I will cover in this conversation:

  • The importance of mindful breathing and self-care prioritization
  • Embracing self-acceptance and not being afraid to share who you are
  • The significance grounding yourself and setting intentions 
  • Sharing the creation of art pieces and how using what we learned can help one thrive in the creative environment 
  • Nurturing the present moment for its intrinsic value – we don’t have to be productive all of the time 

– Accepting life’s discomfort. It’s important to listen to yourself and respond to your body’s choices 


Join me on this soulful exploration where creativity meets well-being, and discover the passions, processes, and inspirations.


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