Body Sensations as information!

I recently had a day where I was physically and mentally… pooped.

I had a good workout, a nice lunch meeting and… I hit the wall.

Then I became aware of feeling down on myself.

I could see my thoughts were going straight to expectations.

What I “thought” I should be able to do and accomplish.

I see that when I don’t feel good or am fatigued, there is a lot of judgment that surfaces, old thoughts of “being lazy”, “Not DOING enough”, blah blah blah.

Hey! I’m happy I saw it happening! This IS the process, the gifts, the a-ha moments.

I was able to stop myself to see what really IS…

I’m OK! My body is providing a message, information …Slow down, breathe.

In the end I gave myself kudos for what I HAVE accomplished and I’m able to switch to a kinder gear because of this new information…When I do this I’m respecting myself AND building self trust.

Practice listening with kindness and compassion to the messages your body gives you.

With Gratitude,


There are messages and reminders everywhere…

slow down and give yourself space to listen.

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