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My Story

Born, raised & living in Anchorage, Alaska, I have been painting with the encaustic medium for 15 years.  A little over a year ago, I decided to begin my own clothing line by taking my art and imprinting it on leggings, sports bras, phone cases, tote bags, etc., with the intent of creating a “Brand.”  A Brand with encouraging messaging around growth & self acceptance. This is my journey.

While developing a website and learning the ropes of eCommerce is a complicated process, I have found the biggest hurdle to be writing about myself and publicly sharing MY story. 

Several years ago, I became aware of how hard I was on myself. Self-worth and shame issues led to painting becoming a chore instead of something I love. Negativity bias is unfortunately natural for most humans. Our capacity to not only register negative stimuli but also to dwell on it can lead to depression.

Gayla's Story 3

Unsurprisingly, more and more scientific evidence points to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease in people with depression. Alzheimers runs in my family, with my father being diagnosed 6 years ago at the age of 72, forcing him out of the job he loved and was going to do “until I die”.  

This has encouraged me to increase my awareness of mindset. With the assistance of a life coach along with reading & listening to mindfulness teachings, I am learning the importance of living in the present moment. My painting now has real meaning because my life is guided by positive self-awareness, joy and gratitude. Is it easy? NO! I’ve learned what it really means to practice, practice, practice.

By sharing this practice in my clothing line I hope to inspire & encourage those also on this path to self acceptance and compassion. The inclusion of affirmations & reminders provides an effective way to help build a positive self image.

If you’d like to join me on this journey, please consider subscribing to my newsletter, where I  share inspiration, reminders and stories to help us all on this path.

The Art Of Purpose™️

There is an art to knowing your purpose. Encourage yourself to create quiet spaces, breathe deeply, be in nature, and do things that nourish your soul. There is grace all around you. Be kind and gentle with yourself, knowing you are perfect as you are. Now is the time to own your power!

I hope you receive as much enjoyment from wearing my art designs as I did creating them.

Choose to Live and Love on purpose.

With Gratitude,



“Find our who you are and do it on purpose.”

– Dolly Parton


"I hope you receive as much enjoyment from wearing my art designs as I did creating them."

My passion is creating this art. I am so excited to share it with the world through The Art of Purpose. I truly appreciate any and all feedback on your shopping experience and my products. Please send me a message through the contact form, leave a review on google or facebook, and rate your products on the store!

If you have any problems with your order, please send me a message and I will work to resolve ASAP. For damaged or defective products, typically a picture is all that is required for a replacement. Please refer to the store policies for more information on returns.

If you are local to Anchorage, AK feel free to contact me and we can schedule a time to view some of the products in-person at the Spenard Art Studio.

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