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Dr Suess Quote for Newsletter
Today is my birthday…however, I’m practicing seeing everyday as my birthday, as each day is a new beginning…So Happy Birth Day to you too!
We were all born on this earth to experience our very own journey…we’re just doing it together.

While we are all individually beautiful and unique, we’re all part of the greater tapestry. 

Yes, we’re all different, so embrace those differences!

When we each follow our hearts and uplift ourselves, we’re lifting everyone.  

A rising tide lifts all ships, a famous quote that absolutely pertains to each of us.  

So when you are being kind, gentle, and compassionate with yourself… simply being you:  a wonderful, unique & beautiful self, you ARE raising everyone else up!  

Share your gift by embracing yourself and dreams. 

Everything is energy, so the act of practicing self love is the ultimate gift.

There is no need to be anyone else…only wonderful YOU.

With Gratitude,


Flowers on the windowsill

You are one of a kind! Every person is different, that’s what makes you, YOU.
Be unapologetically yourself and go through life knowing how wonderful you are!


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<h1>I’m Gonna Stand Outside So-If: A Journey of Self-Discovery</h1>

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