Welcome to another Summer of Purpose Podcast Series!

Join me and the amazing woman, Jen Merrell, founder of Joule Wellness+Movement in this episode as we are exploring a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth!

We’ll be diving into:

  • Igniting spiritual growth through curiosity and the question “What’s next?”
  • Profound benefits of relationships and exchanging energy on your personal journey.
  • Uncovering your deeper essence and living in the present moment, is where a feeling of connection begins.
  • Balancing spiritual connection and thriving in the world we live in.
  • Nourishing your soul with daily faith exercises and practices.
  • Embracing life’s challenges as powerful catalysts for growth

Ready to enhance your spiritual journey? I invite you to take a moment for yourself, grab your favorite beverage, and find a cozy spot to listen to this episode. Let this conversation inspires you to embrace challenges in your life, transforming how you balance the world around you.

Join me on this transformative journey and remember to approach each moment with kindness and curiosity.

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