Gayla The Art of Purpose

EP 14 | THE SUMMER OF PURPOSE: Igniting spiritual growth

Welcome to another Summer of Purpose Podcast Series!

Join me and the amazing woman, Jen Merrell, founder of Joule Wellness+Movement in this episode as we are exploring a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth!

We’ll be diving into:

  • Igniting spiritual growth through curiosity and the question “What’s next?”
  • Profound benefits of relationships and exchanging energy on your personal journey.
  • Uncovering your deeper essence and living in the present moment, is where a feeling of connection begins.
  • Balancing spiritual connection and thriving in the world we live in.
  • Nourishing your soul with daily faith exercises and practices.
  • Embracing life’s challenges as powerful catalysts for growth

Ready to enhance your spiritual journey? I invite you to take a moment for yourself, grab your favorite beverage, and find a cozy spot to listen to this episode. Let this conversation inspires you to embrace challenges in your life, transforming how you balance the world around you.