Gayla The Art of Purpose

EP 9 | PURPOSEFUL PAUSE: Celebrating Ourselves

Welcome to another Purposeful Pause episode on the Art of Purpose Podcast! In this purposeful pause, I will discuss something very close to my heart and, perhaps, something you must also hear celebrating ourselves.

Join me as we pause, reflect, and celebrate our achievements, no matter how big or small. Discover the transformative power of self-recognition and how it can shift us away from negative self-talk. 

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The Importance of Self-Celebration: Understanding why acknowledging our milestones and everyday tasks is crucial.
  • My Personal Journey: A reflection on how I’ve come to appreciate my own achievements.
  • The Transformative Power of Self-Acknowledgment: How recognizing your self-worth can change your perspective.

Let’s make self-celebration a habit together. Take this purposeful pause with you and let self-celebration guide your journey ahead. Remember, you are worth celebrating. 

Thank you for joining me, and as always, be kind to yourself.