Gayla The Art of Purpose

EP 8 | PURPOSEFUL PAUSE: Having Fun with the Beginner’s Mindset

Welcome to another Purposeful Pause episode on the Art of Purpose Podcast! I’m your host, Gayla. Today, we’re adventuring into the joy of embracing a beginner’s mindset.

Let’s pause, reflect, and open our hearts to the thrilling experience of being new at something. This episode guides you on a journey to confront your fears and limitations, inviting you to replace them with an attitude of curiosity and open-mindedness.

I’ll share some insights into the liberation that comes from shrugging off the weight of expectations, and the delight in giving ourselves permission to play, experiment, and explore without being tied to any specific outcome. I’ll also be sharing steps to help you challenge any limiting beliefs and fully express your creativity, leading to a beautiful sense of freedom, enjoyment, and lightness.

Remember, the magic isn’t just in the destination, it’s in the journey. This episode serves as a reminder that it’s the process of learning, and not necessarily the final result, where the real transformation happens.

Let’s make this journey of embracing the beginner’s mindset an exciting one together. Carry this purposeful pause with you as you navigate your path. Thank you for joining me, and remember, approach each moment with kindness and curiosity.