Where Attention Goes Energy Flows!

What is done with love is done well - van gogh

Whether paying bills…..gardening…..creating art.

For me it’s paying attention to how I’m approaching what I’m doing. 

Identifying the thoughts going on in my head.  

What am I feeling?   

How can I create a space of ease versus resistance?  

When we focus on love, we infuse that feeling into our creations. 

Others feel it too. 

It’s universal. 

Play with it. 


Share your love.

Heartfelt Gratitude,


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Thank you💗

From one artist to another!

 Thank you Rina of Pure Whimsy Jewelry for sharing your Inner Dance Vibe!

Rina’s messaging and creations are aligned with mine.  All made in the spirit of joy and gratitude with a spiritual connection to nature.

Some Favorites from the Inner Dance Collection

wintery drive down the turnagain arm

Inner Dance iPhone case shown on beautiful wintry drive down the Turnagain Arm outside Anchorage, Alaska.